Patricia Atkins, Senior Application Scientist, published in AOAC International

Sample Processing and Preparation Considerations for Solid Cannabis Products Background: The nascent cannabis industry is often challenged by a lack of guidance, unproven methodologies and conflicting legal challenges. The actual sampling and sample preparation of cannabis can be a difficult endeavor due the economic value, material complexity and heterogeneous nature of a plant based material. Objective: Examine the challenges of cannabis material sampling and sample processing as it relates to other similar materials. Method: In this paper, the complexity of sampling and sample preparation are reviewed for use in the cannabis industry. The mechanisms for sample processing are examined and compared for the best preparation techniques for targeted analytes in cannabis analysis. Results: Cryogenic grinding is one of the best methods for sample processing for the preservation of volatile compounds. Conclusions: Proper sampling techniques and procedures, including the use of standards, ensure homogeneity and improve analysis accuracy. Highlights: Methods of sample processing and preparation for cannabis plant material were examined to ensure homogeneity, accuracy and reproducibility.

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