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Speciation Standards for ICP-MS AND LC-ICP-MS


SPEX CertiPrep is accredited by A2LA for Organic and Inorganic Certified Reference Materials. In addition to being registered as an ISO 9001 facility, SPEX CertiPrep is accredited by A2LA as complying with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC Guide 34. Our scope is the most comprehensive in the industry.

SPEX CertiPrep has expanded the ICP-MS product line to include Speciation Standards. Speciation analysis covers many areas including environmental protection and the food and drug administration.

To analyze species in a sample requires Certified Reference Materials for sample verification and method validation. Many Speciation Standards are available in today's market, but most of the Speciation Standards are not certified or analyzed with a state-of-art ICP, ICP-MS or LC-ICP-MS.


What is unique about SPEX CertiPrep Dual Speciation Standards?

  • Optimized to work well with both ICP and ICP-MS (with one-step dilution).
  • Percentages of the species are determined by LC-ICP-MS and reported on our Certificate of Analysis.
  • LC Chromatogram is featured on our Certificate of Analysis.
  • Trace impurities in the final solution are analyzed by ICP-OES and are traceable to NIST. Levels are reported on our Certificate of Analysis.
  • Click here to view our Speciation SPEXertificate sample

Single Inorganic Speciation Standards

Concentration: 1000 µg/mL