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Accelerate Innovation with Custom Reference Materials

Our dedicated team provides high-quality custom standards made to your exact specifications:
  • Fast quote turnaround time
  • Superior customer service
  • Over 35 years of scientific expertise
  • ISO 17034-accredited
Inorganic Custom Standards

To order customized standards made by our experts, fill out the online Custom Inorganic Standards Request Form. Our knowledgeable staff will verify the compatibility and stability of your requested mix and provide you with a quote within 1 business day. Your approved order is manufactured and shipped within 10 working days.

  • We offer custom standards for AA, IC, ICP, ICP-MS, Wet Assay and Conductivity
  • Custom standards are offered in variety of different volumes including the most common sizes at 250 mL, 500 mL, 1000mL and 1 L
  • Custom standards can be bottled in different containers including LDPE, FEP, PP, and glass bottles
  • All customs come with a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis and SDS
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Organic Custom Standards

We specialize in evaluating what compounds work well together and the solvents needed to keep the standard stable. Simply choose the Organic products you need by filling out the online Custom Organic Standards Request Form.

  • Standards are available for GC, GC/MS, LC or LC/MS
  • We offer customs in 1 mL ampules up to 1L bottles
  • Each product is analyzed using state-of-the-art instrumentation
  • We stock a comprehensive supply of starting materials for fast manufacture as well as certified solutions ready to ship
  • All standards come with a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis and SDS
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