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Plastic Additives

Plastic additives or plasticizers are chemicals added to increase the plasticity of fluidity of many polymer materials. Additives for plastic can be used to change the physical properties of polymers, add colorants or fragrances, or provide a finish to the final product.

These plastic additives are most commonly found as phthalate esters. The safety of the use of these phthalate esters or phthalates has been a topic of great discussion and regulation. Many phthalates are under governmental restriction for use in a wide variety of consumer products. The use of phthalates in the consumer world is ubiquitous and many analytical labs are now tasked to quantify the regulated plasticizers while ruling out the presence of other similar plasticizers.

Standards are a critical part of the analysis of plasticizers in order for a laboratory to determine the concentration of the truly regulated plasticizers from a similar type or form of plasticizer.

Spex CertiPrep’s full line of plasticizer compound standards can assist the analytical laboratory with all of their plasticizer analyses by all of the current analytical methods including GC/MS and LC/MS.

Plastic Standards and Additives Brochure


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