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A Discussion on Speciation (Summer 2017)


In this issue of SPEX Speaker we will take an in-depth look at the importance of arsenic speciation in rice products as well as a historical methyl mercury poisoning event in Japan

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Preparing for USP 232 - A Conversation on the Upcoming Regulation Changes with Industry Experts (Spring 2017)


In this issue of SPEX Speaker, we will discuss the new guidelines set by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) that are due for implementation at the beginning of 2018. We recently discussed these changes with two industry experts who are often called upon to educate laboratories on the new USP 232, Anthony DeStefano and Robert Thomas.

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The Ever Changing Scope of Laboratory Testing (Summer 2016)


Laboratory testing is often thought of, in popular culture, as a simple and straightforward process. The popularity of crime dramas like CSI has proliferated the idea that sample testing
simply involves adding a pinch of a sample to a machine and, with the press of a button, out pops an answer! We are sure many analysts wish it was just that easy!

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Evolution of Pesticides (Spring 2016)


In this issue of SPEXSpeaker, we look at the history and development of pest controls and pesticides from the earliest recorded uses of pesticides to the dawn of the industrial and chemical revolution. This issue will also follow the changes over the past 80 years of
our modern age of chemical pesticides which was jump started with a bang after World War II and continues to evolve into new and complex forms of pest controls from organic farming to genetically modified organisms.

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SPEX Speaker Archive

Behold The SPEX Speaker - the complete run of the unique trade journal that between 1956 and 1983, published articles, about a wide variety of spectrographic methods and techniques, while showcasing SPEX products. Art and Harriet Mitteldorf, who founded SPEX Industries, Inc. in 1954, started by selling graphite electrodes and spectrographic plates and film for arc/spark spectroscopy. They quickly developed their own analytical standards and sample preparation equipment, and those two traditions and product lines are proudly continued today by SPEX CertiPrep®, Inc., and SPEX® SamplePrep LLC.

Visit the SPEX Speaker Archive and take a trip through the history of spectroscopy.