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Multiresidue Pesticide Standards

National and international regulatory and standards organizations are tasked with the monitoring of environmental systems, agricultural products, and consumer goods as they pertain to contamination and human health. Groups such as EPA, USDA, AOAC, ASTM, FDA, and USP offer methods and guidance for the analysis of products like food, beverages, nutraceuticals, and botanicals.

One group of chemicals of high concern are the hundreds of commercial pesticides and herbicides in use in the world today. It is essential that monitoring agencies have accurate standard mixes to measure pesticide residue levels in consumer products and food, like our morning tea, spices, or botanical supplements.

At Spex, we facilitate ease of monitoring and testing of pesticides by creating pesticide test mixes to suit your monitoring needs. Spex CertiPrep is a leader in offering pesticide standards designed to work within the EPA, AOAC, and FDA analytical testing methods using all the significant analytical techniques. Gas chromatography and mass spectrometry are well established techniques for many pesticide analyses. Spex now offers GC mixes with over 200 compounds that allow the analyst to create references for all the most commonly used GC and GC/MS amenable pesticides in use in agriculture.

Multiresidue Pesticide Standards Brochure
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