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Canadian Cannabis Pesticide Mixes and Kits

Chemical pesticides have become an integral part of the agricultural toolbox, offering protection to crops from destructive pests. However, an unfortunate side effect of their use is the potential leaching of these, oftentimes, harmful chemicals into the environment leading to their eventual presence in the human food chain. As a result, pesticide residue analysis has become a critical testing process for many different types of laboratories.

For your convenience, we have designed two cannabis pesticide kits (see page 15) that contain the 96 compounds that are required to be tested based on regulations set by Health Canada. This requirement for mandatory testing for the presence of unauthorized pesticides will help ensure that Canadians can continue to have confidence in obtaining safe, quality controlled medical cannabis from licensed producers. CAN-CAN-KIT-2 was designed with concentrations set at 1,000 times higher than the limits of quantification outlined by Health Canada for each compound. This will help make dilutions straightforward in your laboratory.

Terpenes in a sample of cannabis help to identify the strain and influences the medical efficacy. We offer a convenient kit with 42 common terpenes in cannabis to make strain identification easier for the analyst.

Spex does not support or promote the use of its products or services in connection with illegal cultivation of cannabis products.  Spex products are intended to be used only in states where the cultivation, sale and use of cannabis products are legal.


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