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Premixed Pesticide Multi-Compound Certified Reference Materials

Your Sample Analysis Just Got Faster, Easier and Less Expensive

Chemical pesticides have become an integral part of the agricultural toolbox, offering protection to crops from destructive pests. However, an unfortunate side effect of their use is the potential leaching of these, oftentimes, harmful chemicals into the environment leading to their eventual presence in the human food chain. As a result, pesticide residue analysis has become a critical testing process for many different types of laboratories.

Unfortunately, pesticide residue testing is a long, expensive and complicated process, covering hundreds of different compounds. Fortunately, as a leader in GC, GC/MS, HPLC, and LC/MS pesticide CRMs, Spex CertiPrep is happy to assist you with all of your pesticide CRM needs.

For your convenience, we have designed a pesticide residue testing kit that includes 144 of the most commonly analyzed pesticides per EPA, AOAC, FDA, and other international testing methods. The kit is structured to maximize stability and solubility while minimizing unwanted analyte interaction and interference; enjoy shorter calibration times, fewer injections and money savings, as compared to purchasing individual pesticide standards.

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