New Spex Genomax® 2050 Homogenizer and Lyser Expediates the Extraction Process

Obtain fast and efficient extraction of nucleic acids, proteins, and other molecules with the new Spex® Genomax® 2050; a high-throughput plant and animal tissue homogenizer and cell lyser designed for rapid cell disruption, cell lysis and tissue homogenization through bead beating. It is ideal for DNA/RNA and protein extraction in clinical, pharmaceutical and biological applications.

The Genomax 2050, with its useful features, is easy to use. The touch screen interface allows users to set, and store run time, operating rate, pause time and cycles. Protocols can be passcode protected. The Genomax comes pre-loaded with one-touch protocols for plant and animal tissue homogenization.

For added convenience and efficiency, the 2051 General-Purpose Clamp is supplied with the Genomax for processing vials, tubes, and jars, ranging from 1 mL to 750 mL. Spex Genomic DNA Isolation Kits are available for extraction and purification of DNA from animal and plant tissues.

These DNA isolation kits allow for fast and seamless isolation of DNA from a wide variety of animal tissues and cells, including mammalian, poultry, fish, and soft and tough plant tissue. The kit combines the use of chaotropic salts and detergents to disrupt animal tissues or cells permitting the selective binding of DNA to a silica column. Proteinase K and RNase A are then added to implement DNA isolation. An ethanol wash buffer is used to remove any additional elements or contamination from the silica column. The column is dried by centrifugation and DNA is eluted using the elution buffer.

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