Join us as we discuss the terpenes and flavonoids Hosted by Patricia Atkins & Jeff Akers 
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Flavonoids are naturally occurring secondary metabolic products which can have important functions within plants and benefit consumers with health and healing properties.
Many beneficial compounds are metabolites produced as an end product of chemical and biological processes. Metabolites are small molecules that have many functions including defense, pigments, pheromones, odorants and catalysts. Primary metabolites are necessary for growth, development and reproduction. Flavonoids are secondary plant, algae or fungus metabolites composed of polyphenolic compounds. Secondary metabolites are not directly involved in critical processes but have secondary functions involving defense and pigmentation. We offer standards for analytical standards for flavonoid analysis.
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Terpenes in a sample of Cannabis helps to identify the strain and has an effect on the medical efficacy. We offer single component standards for common terpenes in Cannabis residues to make strain identification easier for the analyst.
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