Flavor is the sensory impression of substances like food or beverages. It is a combination of the sensory input of smell and taste with some input from pressure and temperature. The flavor of products can be changed with the addition of flavorants. A “flavorant” is a substance that gives another substance flavor, altering the characteristics of the original substance.

Flavorants can either be natural or artificial. Many natural flavors are very costly so replacement artificial flavorants have been developed. Most commercial flavorants are chemically similar or equivalent to natural flavors which have been synthesized rather than extracted. Different classes of compounds are distinct for their flavor characteristics.

Flavorants for food, beverage and tobacco products are often regulated by government agencies which produce lists of acceptable flavorants. In cases of new products, time can pass between introduction of flavorants before a final decision is made as to their status and safety. Many flavorants for new products in the tobacco and vaping industry can fall under this limbo between legal status and common use.

SPEX CertiPrep offers an extensive catalog of flavorant standards for use in the alcohol, tobacco and vaping industries.

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