In honor of Women’s History Month, we have interviewed some of our female scientists here at SPEX CertiPrep and we are so excited for you to learn about our amazing team!

Here is a Q&A we had with Rebekah Biermann

Q. What is your role at SPEX?
A. Territory Manager (Midwest/New England)

Q. What led you to study science?
A. After years of working in the cosmetics industry, I started to look into cosmetic formulation and went back to school for chemistry. It turns or I didn’t really like formulation chemistry and got a taste for plant genetics and pathology after working on a strawberry research farm at Rutgers University. I learned so much about how agriculture and science crosses over and just how it effects our daily lives is really fascinating.

Q. What was your favorite science class/lab/project/study?
A. Virology and Genetics

Q. What female scientist in history do you most admire?
A. Rosalind Franklin and Barbara McClintock