Mycotoxin Organic Standard in Acetonitrile, 1 mL

Mycotoxin Standard with 5 components, 10 µg/mL (10 ppm) in Acetonitrile, 1 mL



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Part # :MYCO-1

Matrix :Acetonitrile

Volume :1 mL

Concentration :10 µg/mL (10 ppm)

Units/Pack :1

Expiration : Contact Us for details

Storage Condition :Freezer

Hazardous Info :

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Non-Hazardous Non-Hazardous

Freezer Message: This item must be stored in a freezer to ensure stability.

Our mycotoxins are ISO 17034 accredited. We silanize our vials to increase accuracy and reduce loss due to glass attachment. Custom standards are also available.

Component Concentration Matrix CAS#
Aflatoxin B2 10 µg/mL Acetonitrile:Methanol 7220-81-7
Aflatoxin B1 10 µg/mL Acetonitrile:Methanol 1162-65-8
Aflatoxin G1 10 µg/mL Acetonitrile:Methanol 1165-39-5
Aflatoxin G2 10 µg/mL Acetonitrile:Methanol 7241-98-7
Ochratoxin A 10 µg/mL Acetonitrile:Methanol 303-47-9

Safety Data Sheet

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