Mycotoxin Organic Standard in Acetonitrile, 1 mL

Mycotoxin Standard with 5 components, 10 µg/mL (10 ppm) in Acetonitrile, 1 mL



Product Information

Part # :MYCO-1

Study Date :

Matrix :Acetonitrile

Volume :1 mL

Concentration :10 µg/mL (10 ppm)

Units/Pack :1

Expiration : Contact Us for details

Storage Condition :Freezer

Hazardous Info :

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Non-Hazardous Non-Hazardous

Freezer Message: This item must be stored in a freezer to ensure stability.

Mycotoxins Standard at 20 ug/mL in Acetonitrile:Methanol, 1 mL

Component Concentration Matrix CAS#
Aflatoxin B2 10 µg/mL Acetonitrile 7220-81-7
Aflatoxin B1 10 µg/mL Acetonitrile 1162-65-8
Aflatoxin G1 10 µg/mL Acetonitrile 1165-39-5
Aflatoxin G2 10 µg/mL Acetonitrile 7241-98-7
Ochratoxin A 10 µg/mL Acetonitrile 303-47-9
Component CAS # SMILES Notation Copy SMILES
AFLATOXIN B1 1162-65-8 COc1cc2OC3OC=CC3c2c4OC(=O)C5=C(CCC5=O)c14 Copy SMILES Notation
AFLATOXIN B2 7220-81-7 COc1cc2OC3OCCC3c2c4OC(=O)C5=C(CCC5=O)c14 Copy SMILES Notation
AFLATOXIN G1 1165-39-5 COc1cc2OC3OC=CC3c2c4OC(=O)C5=C(CCOC5=O)c14 Copy SMILES Notation
AFLATOXIN G2 7241-98-7 COc1cc2OC3OCCC3c2c4OC(=O)C5=C(CCOC5=O)c14 Copy SMILES Notation
OCHRATOXIN A 303-47-9 C[C@@H]1Cc2c(Cl)cc(c(O)c2C(=O)O1)C(=O)N[C@@H](Cc3ccccc3)C(O)=O Copy SMILES Notation
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