A. brasiliensis NCPF2275/WDCM00053 - USP <61/62>

A. brasiliensis NCPF2275/WDCM00053 - USP <61/62> Quantitative Reference Cultures for Growth Promotion and Inhibitory Testing, pack of 10


PART #: 61-00053

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Part # :61-00053

Study Number :

Units/Pack :10

Expiration : 18 months from manuf.

Storage Condition :Freezer (-10° to -20° C)

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• Formulated in our unique lyophilized flash dissolve pellet this microbiological standard formulated at 1000cfu that will deliver <100cfu per 100uL inoculum after hydration in 1.5mL of supplied peptone buffer 
• No royalty fee
• Equivalent to ATCC16404
Designed for USP61/62, A. brasiliensis, NCPF 2275. Each Microgel Flash™ pellet is formulated in our proprietary Microgel-Flash quick dissolve matrix at approximately 1000cfu delivering <100cfu per 100uL inoculum after hydration in 1.5mL in supplied peptone buffer. At least 10 tests per vial.  Exact activity is listed on accompanying COA. Supplied in pack of 10 individually vaccum sealed samples along with 10 x 1.5mL of sterile peptone buffer.  Other collection numbers are ATCC 16404 and WDCM 00053.Stores at -10C to -20C.

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