A. fumigatus Snap-Stick™, pack of 2

A. fumigatus Snap-Stick™ Ready to Use Culture Swabs, pack of 2


PART #: SS-1022-2

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Part # :SS-1022-2

Study Number :

Units/Pack :2

Expiration : 18 months from manuf.

Storage Condition :Refrigerator (2 to 8 ºC)

Hazardous Info :

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• Easy to use inoculating swab stick
• Snap valve design releases hydration fluid, dissolving culture pellet in less than a minute with minimum agitation and no incubation
• Convenient packaging
• Reference traceability
• All-in-one Design
• No royalty fee
A pure culture of A. fumigatus,  NCTC 982, packaged in an easy to use inoculating swab stick.  Simple snap valve design releases hydration fluid with a press of the plastic stem valve.  Culture pellet supplied in Microgel-Flash quick dissolve matrix, dissolving with minimum agitation and no incubation in less than a minute. Transparent tube makes visual verification of pellet dissolution easy. Pack of two or six Snap-Sticks.  Store refrigerated.

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