A. brasiliensis NCPF2275/WDCM00053 - USP <51>

A. brasiliensis NCPF2275/WDCM00053 - USP <51> Quantitative Reference Cultures for Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing, pack of 10


PART #: 51-00053

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Part # :51-00053

Study Number :

Units/Pack :10

Expiration : 18 months from manuf.

Storage Condition :Freezer (-10° to -20° C)

Hazardous Info :

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• Formulated in our unique lyophilized flash dissolve pellet this microbiological standard contains a pure culture that will yield at least 1x10^8 CFU per mL
• No royalty fee
• Equivalent to ATCC16404
Designed for USP51, A. brasiliensis, NCPF 2275 is supplied in packs of 10 individually vaccum sealed vials along with 10 x 1.5mL vials of sterile peptone buffer. When hydrated, activity will yield at least 1x10^8 CFU per mL. Exact activity is listed on accompanying COA. Other collection numbers are ATCC 16404 and WDCM 00053. Stores at -10°C to -20°C.

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