B. cereus NCTC2599, pack of 10

B. cereus Unit Dose Microbiological Control, NCTC2599, pack of 10


PART #: UD-2599

Product Information

Part # :UD-2599

Study Number :

Units/Pack :10

Expiration : 18 months from manuf.

Storage Condition :Freezer (-10° to -20° C)

Hazardous Info :

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Hazardous Hazardous

This item has been deemed as hazardous.

Additional Hazardous shipping fees may apply.

• Convenient packaging
• No serial dilution needed
• No royalty fee
• Equivalent to ATCC14579
Unit Dose™ cultures are formulated to deliver less than 100 CFU per pellet. Directly inoculate media without dilution. Pellets dissolve instantly. Quantitatively validated and traceable cultures are Certified Reference Materials with downloadable Certificate of Analysis on our website. Single microorganism pellet per vial. Sold in packs of ten.

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