IC Instrument Ion Anion Check Standard 1, 125 mL

IC Instrument Ion Anion Check Standard 1 in H2O, 125 mL


PART #: ICMIX1-100

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Part # :ICMIX1-100

Study Number :

Matrix :H2O

Volume : 125 mL

Units/Pack :1

Expiration : 365 Days / 12 Months

Storage Condition :Ambient

Hazardous Info :

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Non-Hazardous Non-Hazardous

Ion Chromatography & Ion Selective Electrode Standards
Single and Multi-Element Standards for Ion Chromatography
Ion chromatography (IC) is an analytical process for the separation of ions based on charge affinity. IC can be used for a variety of different kinds of charged analytes from single elements to large proteins. In order to ensure accurate analysis, quality standards which are traceable and stable are necessary. Spex CertiPrep offers the highest quality IC standards available for the analytical laboratory.

Component Concentration Matrix CAS#
Hydrogen Phosphate 150 µg/mL H2O
Sulfate 150 µg/mL H2O
Nitrate 100 µg/mL H2O
Chloride 30 µg/mL H2O
Fluoride 20 µg/mL H2O
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