Universal Water Microbe Cocktail, pack of 10

Universal Water Microbe Cocktail, Environmental Reference Material, pack of 10



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Part # :MIC-UNV-10

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Units/Pack :10

Expiration : 18 months from manuf.

Storage Condition :Freezer (-10° to -20° C)

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A single pellet to QC all of your quantitative microbiology analyses! Formulated in our unique lyophilized flash dissolve pellet, this microbiological standard contains multiple organisms that in aggregate allow the analyst to QC the following water microbiology tests at the following approximate activity levels:
Test: Total Coliform, Activity Level: 2400CFU/100mL Test: E.coli, Activity Level: 1000CFU/100mL Test: Fecal Coliform, Activity Level: 500CFU/100mL Test: P.aeruginosa, Activity Level: 1000CFU/100mL Test: Enterococci, Activity Level: 1000CFU/100mL Test: HPC, Activity Level: 50CFU/mL

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