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Pipette Washer/Dryer (Patented) One major source of contamination is the volumetric pipette. At SPEX CertiPrep, our chemists realized that they were spending valuable time manually washing and rinsing pipettes. Conventional washers were expensive and too large to comfortably fit in our laboratory. Our chemists designed a device that could be hooked up to a water line to allow the flow of water or other liquid through the inside and over the outside of the pipettes. As a result, our chemists spent less time cleaning pipettes, and more time manufacturing SPEX CertiPrep Certified Reference Materials (CRMs); used and trusted by labs all over the world. The pipette washer/dryer is easy to use. Simply insert up to 23 pipettes at a time, close the door and attach the tubing to the wash or rinse line. The washer can also be used with the washer basin and pump to circulate wash or rinse solution through the pipettes. The solution shoots out of the pipette tip, reflects off the ceiling portion of the washer and rains a shower down over the outside of the pipettes; thus cleaning both the inside and outside of the pipettes. To dry the insides of the pipettes, the line is connected to a vacuum source and air is pulled in through the pipette tips until the inside of all of the pipettes are dry. Product Features: • Lightweight and compact, the washer/dryer fits within a sink or on a lab bench. • Durable polyethylene construction. • Convenient, independent on/off valves control flow to the front and back rows of washers and the main water supply. • Transparent door closes to prevent splashing when washer is in use. • 23 cone-shaped, plastic pipette holders accommodate pipettes 0.5-250 mL in size. • Optional pump and basin available separately. Technical service available 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM EST. Speak directly with the chemists who developed the washer/dryer. Demo units available. Please contact us at 1.800.LAB.SPEX or 732.549.7144 or via email at [email protected] for information and availability.