DNA Isolation Kit, Plant Tissue

DNA Isolation Kit for Plant Tissue, 75 reactions


PART #: 2402P

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Part # :2402P

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Units/Pack :1

Expiration : 365 Days / 12 Months

Storage Condition :Ambient

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The Complete Kit Solution for DNA Extraction of Animal and Plant Tissue
The Spex Genomic DNA Isolation Kits are optimized to work with the Genomax®, Geno/Grinder® and GenoLyte® homogenizers, allowing for fast and seamless isolation of DNA from a wide variety of animal tissues and cells, including mammalian, poultry, fish, and soft and tough plant tissue.
The kit combines the use of chaotropic salts and detergents to disrupt animal tissues or cells permitting the selective binding of DNA to a silica column. Proteinase K and RNase A are then added to implement DNA isolation. An ethanol wash buffer is used to remove any additional elements or contamination from the silica column. The column is dried by centrifugation and DNA is eluted using the elution buffer.

Reagents: Lysis Buffer, Binding Buffer B1, Wash Buffer PW1, Wash Buffer PW2, Elution Buffer, Proteinase K Powder, RNase A
DNA Binding Columns and Collection Tubes: Silica-based columns capture DNA and allow for its purification
Stainless Steel Balls: Soft plant tissue (2402P): five 3 mm 440C stainless steel balls
Homogenization Tubes: Reinforced tubes designed for homogenization through rapid bead beating: pre-loaded with five 3 mm 440C stainless steel balls
Protocol: Protocol and workflow optimized for Genomax, Geno/Grinder and GenoLyte

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