OdorEroder, 100 g

OdorEroder, 100 g



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Part # :ODER-100G

Study Date :

Volume :100 g

Units/Pack :1

Expiration : Contact Us for details

Storage Condition :Ambient

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OdorEroder® OdorEroder® effectively neutralizes a wide range of offensive chemical odors and fumes in the lab, everything from Aldehydes to Xylenes, to cannabis. These non-toxic, environmentally safe purple beads are placed where odor causing chemicals in the air pass near the beads. When this occurs, the purple beads absorb and chemically transform the odor-causing chemicals into harmless compounds that remain trapped within the beads. As the purple beads absorb, they start turning brown. When a majority of the beads have turned brown, it is time to replace the OdorEroder®. Depending on the exposure, the OdorEroder® lasts up to three months. OdorEroder® is effective in the following areas:
• Hoods
• Waste disposal areas
• Lab benches
• Chemical storage cabinets
• Glove boxes
• Lab refrigerators
• Other odor-causing areas within a lab