FDA Hand Sanitizer Mix 1, 1 mL

FDA Hand Sanitizer Mix 1 in Acetonitrile, 1 mL



Product Information

Part # :FDA-SAN-1

Study Number :

Matrix :Acetonitrile

Volume :1 mL

Concentration :Multiple

Units/Pack :1

Expiration : 365 Days / 12 Months

Storage Condition :Freezer

Hazardous Info :

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Freezer Message: This item must be stored in a freezer to ensure stability.

During the last year, the use of hand sanitizer has exponentially increased from an occasional preventive during the flu season to multiple daily applications throughout the day. Recently, hand sanitizer has become a common product in every home or pocket. It has recently been discovered that some manufacturers are providing products that have been adulterated with potentially toxic compounds or breakdown products. Government agencies, such as the FDA, have issued guidance for safety and laboratory testing of hand sanitizers.
SPEX CertiPrep is now offering its standard for the testing of hand sanitizer impurities according to FDA guidance. As always, we are proud to be at the forefront of laboratory needs during this rapidly changing analytical landscape.

Component Concentration Matrix CAS#
Methanol 1,582 µg/mL Acetonitrile 67-56-1
Benzene 4.4 µg/mL Acetonitrile 71-43-2
Acetaldehyde 117.8 µg/mL Acetonitrile 75-07-0
Acetal 124.5 µg/mL Acetonitrile 105-57-7
Ethanol 3,945 µg/mL Acetonitrile 64-17-5
2-Propanol 3,925 µg/mL Acetonitrile 67-63-0
Acetone 1,580 µg/mL Acetonitrile 67-64-1
1-Propanol 1,608 µg/mL Acetonitrile 71-23-8
Ethyl Acetate 1,804 µg/mL Acetonitrile 141-78-6
2-Butanol 1,616 µg/mL Acetonitrile 78-92-2
2-Methyl-1-propanol 1,606 µg/mL Acetonitrile 78-83-1
1-Butanol 1,620 µg/mL Acetonitrile 71-36-3
3-Methyl-1-butanol 1,618 µg/mL Acetonitrile 123-51-3
1-Pentanol 1,622 µg/mL Acetonitrile 71-41-0
Component CAS # SMILES Notation Copy SMILES
Acetal 105-57-7 CCOC(C)OCC Copy SMILES Notation
Acetaldehyde 75-07-0 CC=O Copy SMILES Notation
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Safety Data Sheet

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